My ambition in life essay for middle school

Everyone has ambitions.There isn’t a single human being on this earth who does not have an ambition. You may be thinking, what exactly is an ambition? An ambition is a never-ending desire to achieve something. Even if people have the same ambition, they will use different methods to achieve it. This makes one ambition different from another. My ambition is to eliminate poverty from the world. [Continue reading…]

15 Facts About Africa: Rivers, Mountains, Deserts, Valleys, and Animals of the African Continent

These 15 facts about Africa will help you  learn Geography, and it ‘s useful for 5th grade to 8th grade. It is an easy and memorable way to remember the mountains, rivers, oceans, valleys, countries, lakes, forests, Minerals and  animals of Africa. Did you know that 75% of gold in the world is found in the hot plains of the 2nd largest continent: Africa. [Continue reading…]

Keystone Species Overview

keystone species example

A keystone species is a species that plays a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance. Without the keystone species, the ecosystem would collapse. Basically, keystone species are the species that would cause the maximum impact if it is numbers were to dwindle. Usually trees or top carnivores are the keystone species in a habitat. Keystone […]

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Cyclopes-A creative story gift for my mother’s birthday

A creative story gift to my mother on her birthday.

I had scavenged a few bucks for my dear Mother’s birthday . I wanted to buy a special gift for her. When we went to the shop, I asked her” Mom, what do you want for your birthday?”,  and surprisingly she didn’t ask for any fashionable items like sunglasses, earrings, or dresses. Instead she asked […]

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What is the short hand, long hand, second hand(3rd fast moving)on the clock called? 2nd and 3rd Grade Math

hour hand, minute hand and second hand on the clock

Learn “Time” related questions and answers with this simple diagram. It can be used to teach the Chapter “TIME”  in math. It can be used to teach  1st graders, 2nd graders and even pre-schoolers. It’s time to learn ‘TIME’. Divisibility rules for 1 to 20 and shortcut methods for addition was fun learning experience for […]

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Verbs: Forms of to be and to have for 1st grader to 3rd grader

Teach these verbs to a 1st , 2nd or 3rd grader in an easy and simple way with this table which shows the conjugations of the “to be” and “to have” verbs in the tables below. First learn what a verb is  and how many types of verbs there are in English grammar. Usually a verb […]

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Free Essay: Government and Military personnel should have the right to strike

Government and Military personnel should have the right to strike

The government of India ( or write your country’s name) is unfair about many things. One of them is that the employees of the government and military cannot go on strike. This downright mad and absurd. Striking is common in India. It is used to peacefully protest against charges ( new laws, rules and right). […]

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People have become overly dependent on technology Essay for Middle School

People have overly dependent on Technology-essay

  There is difference between today and 200 years ago. Today people are blindly dependent on technology. This is a fact that is certain. Technology is a plant which bares delicious fruit. But to get that fruit you have to pluck its thrones and destroy the neighboring plants. So many things have been lost in […]

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Solve using shortcut methods in Addition with Examples of number 9-Mental Math

How to solve 685+99 fast in short cut method

Addition is the first basic OPERATION that we have learned as a beginner but here is short cuts methods involved in the Addition.Our Divisibility rules for 1 to 20 is big hit, now it is turn to learn quick addition method. You should teach your elementary child to do quick addition with this simple step […]

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Should all students in high school and college be required to take at least 2 years of a foreign language? Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay-Should all students in high school and college be required to take at least 2 years of a foreign language?

This topic is debatable  so opinion varies person to person. Here, is my view about learning foreign languages. The world is enormous. The people talk in all different sorts of languages. There are around 300,000 languages in total. Each is unique and has native speakers. To live in a foreign country, such as France, you […]

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