About Us

This entire blog is written by my sweet and lovely kids. My son, who is aged 12 years is in one of the 250 GATE(gifted and talented education) classes in the entire USA, along with my 10 years old daughter.

My son excels in all his studies, because of the methods he uses for solving problems. These strategies, which range from writing Stacie to solving mathematical  sums are all compiled in this blog. His dream is to become a unforgettable engineer.

My daughter writes poems. She doesn’t see much of them in her poems but one of the reason she likes them is because they have a tune just like songs.  Her English and French vocabulary is incredible for her age so we will be making the “Word of the Week”. Every week, we will be putting a new French or English word for those who need good vocabulary. She likes to read space books so right now her dream is to become an astronaut.

My children wanted to share their knowledge with the outside world, so I have created this blog for them. I hope you and your kids will find their information useful and their work interesting.

If your kids are doing wonderful things in any field and you wish to share it with the world, please send me details and approval to post in this blog.


I hope you will enjoy your stay and send us your valuable feedback to make this blog better. Thanks for reading.

we are school going kids and love to share our knowledge. Sometimes we get tired of browsing library catalog, Google and Wikipedia for certain information so we thought why don’t we share
our hard work with you ??:) We hope you will enjoy our work!

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