Happy Fathers Day Card with Messages and Letter

Father day card and messages
 Father day card and messages

Father day card and messages

I have written this letter to my beloved father this year June 16th 2013.

Dear Daddy,

You have done so much for me but I will never be able to repay you. You work endlessly; to the death of night and to the break of day.

You sit in a office with no AC , isolated from others. While everyone else is enjoying themselves. You work tirelessly. You took us everywhere in the world such as USA, Canada, UK etc etc. You visited many states with us. You didn’t care how much it would harm you, instead you only cared whether we had fun or not.

I write this letter on behalf of Mommy and sis too. It would be an act of atrocity not to make you a card. I can’t imagine life without you. Stay with me forever.

I know these gifts will not even make a fraction of your hard work and love but please accept them.

Happy Father’s Day!!!


Your son.

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My greatest discovery – Creative Writing

Creative writing - become a doctor and cure cancer


Creative writing - I  found the cure to cancer!

Creative writing – I found the cure to cancer!

I have done it! This is my greatest accomplishment as a doctor! I have found the cure to cancer! You may be thinking that this is just one of those scientists bragging about his theory, but you’re wrong.

Unlike the last cure of cancer, which involves a huge machine and costs a lot of money, with horrible aftereffects. My cure involves injecting a very diluted amount of belladonna into the body and then injecting a certain bacterium in the body and letting it feed on the belladonna, which results in the bacterium secreting an acid which kills it and destroys cancer infected cells when mixed with other chemicals.

The dingy cancer situations will be over using the suicidal effect of the bacterium. Cancer, an almost incurable, hereditary disease can be stopped from killing more people.

Devising the cure was not easy and I couldn’t have done it without my assistant Wilson who helped me create the “Quiner” a half-square device within a needle and chemical storage on the back.

The component cure uses Oaklania branches, these branches are not rare and can be found easily. Though the diluted version of belladonna is unstable and expensive. We have compensated the problem.

I believe that if all scientists try to help me improve my cure, not only will it gratify cancer patients but, I am sure it would be a formidable weapon against cancer.


Happy Mothers Day Card, Mothers day anagram, a letter to mother-written by my kids

Today is Mothers Day and we have made beautiful hand made cards with anagrams. We also wrote  letters  to our beloved mother, thanking her for all the love and kindness she has given us so far.

A Mothers Day card from your son Jai:

To my beloved mother,

“Happy Mothers Day”

“Please stand behind me and watch over me”

This is What a Mother is…….

M – Majestic – Your majestic personality

O – Obligated – Your obligated to raising us

T – Trusting – You always trust us

H – Heaven – Being with you is like being in heaven

E – Endears – Your personality causes you to be liked  everywhere

R– Radiant – You radiate so much positive energy

To the world you are another woman but to us you are very special.

A Letter to my Lovely Mom

Dear Mother,

Thank you for taking care of me and raising me.

There is only one person in the entire world who

I will call “Mom” with joy. That is you


So this Mothers Day, reminds me yet again how

loving and caring you were.

The feeling of being a mother, I’m sure you enjoyed it.

I’ve also enjoyed calling you “Mummy”


You are truly a gem in my life|

I love you mom|

Happy Mother’s Day||



A Mother’s Day card from Your daughter Pri:

To my dear and perfect mother,

Happy Mother’s Day!

She has the power to tolerate anything and can defeat any kind of evil.

She can overcome the smartest of the smartest and can help

foolest of the foolest and can still have power to change the world


To me… she is my life, she is the world. she’s the golden bird who never gives up.

Butterfly hover, near my mother

Tell her that I dearly love her

My mother…has never noticed this. Never knew her full value.

But I want her to recognize it. I want her to understand her life.

I want to thank her for everything she did.

That I’ll never ever forget her.

If only I could do what she could do….

I am proud to have her as my mother.

  Happy Mothers Day again||


How to find out if a number is divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 etc? Divisibility Rules

Here is an easy way to learn weather a given number is divisible by another. Traditional division method will take too much time for big numbers but if you know this divisibility rules and tricks than it will be much easier and on a test, no chance of getting wrong.This rules will defiantly help you doing fast and effective calculation(Mental Math) in the future.

1) Divisibility rule for number 1:

Every number is divisible by 1

Example: Is 5 divisible by 1? YES

2) Divisibility rule for number 2:

The last digit of the given number should be even. That means the number should end in 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Example: Is 1875494  divisible by 2?

Last digit is 4 and it is even number so this  fat number 1875494 is divisible by 2. No need of doing big Division:) pretty easy huh..

3) Divisibility rule for number 3:

Add up all the digits and it should be multiple of 3 (divisible by 3)

Example: Is 2742204 divisible by 3?

Add up all the digits that is 2+7+3+4+2+2+0+4=24. 24 is divisible by  (8×3)/3 so this number 2742204 is divisible by 3 as well.

4) Divisibility rule for number 4:

The last 2 digit (ones and tens) should be divisible by 4

Example: Is 8763424 divisible by 4?

Check the last 2 digits, that is 24 and 24 is divisible by  (4×6) /3  so this big number 8763424 is divisible by 4.

5) Divisibility rule for number 5:

The last digit should be 0 or 5

Example: Is 498730 divisible by 5?

The last digit is 0 so this number 498730 is divisible by 5

Example: Is 285 divisible by 5?

The last digit is 5 so 285 is divisible by 5. Very very easy to remember, isn’t it?

6) Divisibility rule for number 6:

The rule for checking whether a number is divisible by 6 is quite tricky.

Since 6=2×3

We must apply the rules of 2 and 3 on a number to check if it is divisible by 6. So rules are

1) The last digit should be even number ( Divisibility trick for 2)

2) Add up all the digits and it should be multiple of 3 (divisible by 3)

Example:  Is 2742204 divisible by 6?

The last digit in 2742204 is 4 and it is even number. Add up all the digits so 2+7+3+4+2+2+0+4=24. 24 is divisible by 3 . this number 2742204 satisfy both the rules (2 &3) so it is divisible by 6.

7)  Divisibility rule for number 7:

There are 2 methods to check weather a given number is divisible by 7.

1) This method is good for 3 or 4 digit number:

Method: 1) Double the last digit

2) Subtract (Minus) it from the remaining digits

3) The answer should be divisible by 7 . Let’s check the example:

Example: Is 434 divisible by 7?

The last digit is 4 so double it (4×2=8). Now subtract 8 from remaining number 43,  43-8=35 and 35 is divisible by 7 (7×5=35). So 434 is also divisible by 7.

2) This method is good for more than 5 digit number( This is the rule for 7) :

Method:  1) Take beginning of the number from right and multiply it by 1, 3, 2, 6, 4, 5 sequence. Remember this sequence

otherwise your answer will be wrong . If you still don’t understand, then check the example.

2)  For 7 or more digits number, repeat this sequence.

3) Add up all. If the sum(total) is divisible by 7 than that big fat number is divisible by 7 as well.

Example: Is 373212 divisible by 7?

2(1)+7(3)+3(2)+2(6)+1(4)+2(5) = 2+21+6+12+4+10 = 56 and 56 is  divisible by 7 so this number 373212 is divisible by 7 as well.

8)  Divisibility rule for number 8:


1) The last 3 digits should be divisible by 8.

2)  A number with three zeros in last 3 digits are always divisible by 8.

Example: Is 3587008 divisible by 8?

Check: the last 3 digits are 008 that means 8 and 8 is divisible by 8 (8×1=8) so 3587008 is divisible  by 8.

Example  Is 90,000  divisible by 8?

Check: the last 3 digits are 0’s so 90,000 is divisible by 8.


8=4×2 so if a number follows the divisibility rules of 4 and 2, then the number is divisible by 8? It is not always true Let’s see how…

1) The last digit should be even number ( Divisibility trick for 2)

2) The last 2 digit (ones and tens) should be divisible by 4.

Example: Is 924 divisible by 8?

Check: 1) the last digit is 4 and it is even number.

2) The last 2 digits are 24 and it is divisible by 4 (4×6=24) so this number 924 should be divisible by 8 but it is not while the number 384 follows this rule so now a days we don’t follow 8=4×2 rules.

9)  Divisibility rule for number 9:

Method: 9=3×3 so it will follow divisibility rule of 3

Add up all the digits and it should be multiple of 9 (divisible by 9)

Example: Is 2742204 divisible by 9?

Add up all the digits that is 2+7+3+4+2+2+0+4=24. 24 is divisible by 9 so this number 2742204 is not divisible by 9.

Example: Is 2742234 divisible by 9?

Add up all the digits: 2+7+3+4+2+2+3+4=27 and 27 is divisible by 9 (9×3=27) so this big fat number 2742234 is divisible by 9.

10)  Divisibility rule for number 10:

Mehtod: The last digit should be 0(Multiples of 10)

Example: Is 900 divisible by 10?

Check:       Yes because the last digit is 0

11)  Divisibility rule for number 11:

Method: 1)  Add up every second digit

2) Subtract rest of the digits and answer should be 0 or divisible by 11. Check the example.

Example: Is 254987 divisible by 11?

Check:  Add up every 2nd digit: (5+9+7) – (2+4+8) = 21-14=7 .  The answer is not 0 or a multiple of 11 so this number 254987 is not divisible by 11.

Example: Is 558987 divisible by 11?

Check: (5+9+7) – (5+8+8) = 21- 21=0  Answer is 0 so 558987 is divisible by 11.

12)  Divisibility rule for number 12:

Method: 12=3×4 so if the number follows the divisibility rules of 3 and 4 is divisible by 12.

1) Add up all the digits and it should be multiple of 3 (divisible by 3)

2) The last 2 digit (ones and tens) should be divisible by 4

Example: Is 834864 divisible by 12?

Check; add up all the digits: 8+3+4+8+6+4=33 and it is multiple of  (3×11)/3

The last two digits are 64 and it is divisible by  (4×16)/3  so this number 834864 is divisible by 12.

13) Divisibility rule for number 13:

This rules are too complicated to understand so it is better to do it with our traditional division method. In case any of you are interested then, just remove the last digit and multiply it (that last digit) with 4 and add to the remaining digits. Do this sequence until only 2 digits remain and those 2 digits should be divisible by 13.

Example  Is 1543 divisible by 13?

Check: 1) Remove the last digit 3 and multiply it by 4 and add to rest of the digit so 3×4=12; 154+12=166

2) Again remove 6 and multiply by 4 and add to rest of the digit so 6×4=24 ; 16+24=40

40 is not divisible by 13 so 1543 is not divisible by 13.

14) Divisibility rule for number 14:

Method: 14=2×7 so number should be divisible by 2 as well as 7 so apply divisibility rules of 2 and 7

15) Divisibility rule for number 15:

Method: 15=3×5 so number should be divisible by 3 as well as 5. Apply divisibility rule of 3 and 5.

16) Divisibility rule for number 16:

Method:  Again it is very complicated, you must have to divide the last 4 digits by 16. and if it is divisible by 16 then any given big number is divisible by 16.

Example: Is 976347648 divisible by 16?

Check: Take the last four digits. 7648 and divide it by 16. answer is 478 so it is divisible by 16 so you can say that this 9 digits number 976347648 is divisible by 16 as well.

17) Divisibility rule for number 17:

Method: 1) Multiply the last digit by 5

2) Subtract it from the rest and if the answer is divisible by 17 then that number is divisible by 17 as well.

Example: Is 765 divisible by 17?

Check:  1) Multiply the last digit by 5 that is 5×5=25

2)  Subtract it from the rest that is 76-25=51 and 51 is divisible by ( 17×3=51)/3  so 765 is divisible by 17 as well.

18) Divisibility rule for number 18:

18=2×9 so apply divisibility rule of number 2 and 9.

19) Divisibility rule for number 19:

Method: 1) Double the last digit.

2) Add to the rest of the numbers until you get two or three digit number that  should be divisible by 19.

Example: Is 6688 divisible by 19?

Check;  8×2=16, Add 16 to the rest of the number so 668+16=684

Repeat it again: 4×2=8 and add to 68+8=76 and 76 is divisible by 19 so this number 6688 is divisible by 19 as well.

20) Divisibility rule for number 20:

Method: 1) The last digit should be 0 ( divisible by 10)

2) The second last digit should be even.

Example: Is 4490 divisible by 20?

Check:  The last digit is 0 but the last 2nd digit 9 is not even number so 4490 is not divisible by 20.

Method-2:  The last 2 digits should be divisible by 20

Example: Is 654880 divisible by 20?

Check: The last 2 digits are 80 and it is divisible by 20 (20×4=80) so 654880 is divisible by 20 as well.


Note: For 2nd to 7th grade  LEARN 1 to 11 divisibility rules and if you are in the advance math learn the rest.

Okay so I hope you liked all of this. So don’t get scared when you see all these ‘big fat’ numbers!

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A Trip to the Beach-Kids Poem

1] First verse describes a crowded beach in the summer


         By six o’ clock we were on our way 

           by train to seaside for the day

           we wade out to the shore 

           catch some waves and splash some more

           went to the stand and got some food to eat

            but it was too-0 crowded to get a seat

            we got back home and went to sleep

            having no need of counting sheep


 2] Second verse describes a deserted beach in winter


                So cold So lonely

                   So sad so chilly

                   Its always empty on these days

                   only visitors from far away

                 there’s really no point of coming

                but only to listen to the humming

               People always say

               better to come in late May

               I can’t help but feel so sorry 

               for this cold and lonely place

               which is more like an empty maze

              I never wanted to come here 

              to hunt down those wild deer

             The summer beach is where

              I would never come in winter

             even if I dared

Notes: This is written by my 10 years old daughter. I hope you will enjoy this poem.


Chinatown vs. Maniac Magee-Compare and Contrast Essay

This is a compare and contrast essay comparing “Maniac Magee” and “Chinatown”. Maniac Magee is about a white twelve-year old boy named Jeffrey Magee whose parents passed away in an accident. So then Jeffrey was sent to live with his aunt and uncle, who fought a lot. Then Jeffrey runs two hundred miles to Bridgeport in Two Mills, PA, where Hector Street sharply divides black East Enders from white West Enders.

There Jeffrey meets a black East Ender named Amnada Beal. Then Jeffrey has a series of adventures, a few new friends, and earns the nickname Maniac Magee. Chinatown is about Laurance Yep, a boy going to a Chinese school who could not speak Chinese. I think that “Chinatown” and “Maniac Magee” are different but they also have many similarities.


One of the similarities are that the main characters are male. Another is that they both feel like outsiders. Maniac feels like an outsider because he is a white boy living in the black end of town. Laurance feels like an outsider because he cannot speak Chinese but he is still going to a Chinese school and earning good grades


Another similarities is that they both lived in a town with two races. Maniac lived in a town with black and white people while Laurance lived in a town with Chinese and African-American Chinese. Another similarity is that at the beginning of both stories both of the main characters were unappreciated. Maniac was a white living with blacks, so they did not appreciate him because of his skin color. Laurance was unappreciated because he could not speak Chinese.


One of the differences are family. Laurance’s parents are still alive while Maniac’s have passed away. Another one of the differences are sports. Maniac was good at sports, Laurence was not.


I think “Maniac Magee” and “Chinatown” are similar and different in many ways. I like to read books with a deep plot like “Maniac Magee” because it shows how people who have different skin color and still live together happily and get along. Maniac was white and Amanda was black and they still got along. I believe “Maniac Magee” was a better story than “Chinatown”


Year of the Snake: Help PETA get Wildlife out of the Wardrobe!

Dear Friends,
Chinese new year marks the start of the Chinese year of the Snake, but as I write this note, snakes, alligators, lizards, crocodiles and countless other animals in the world, from Florida to the natural Philippines to the merciless Africa, are being inhumanly stripped of their skin- usually while they are still alive- so that these ‘unwanted’ creatures can be made into belts, bags, shoes, jackets and other everyday clothing.

PETA is leading the global fight to stop this unfair trade and cease the animal’s sufferings. Won’t you help us strengthen PETA’s ground-breaking work to get wildlife out of the wardrobe?

Every snake skin belt, every alligator wallet or handbag, and every other exotic animal skin sold to consumers starts with sufferings indescribable with words

We MUST make sure that everyone knows that snakes are routinely taken from their home and nailed to trees before being skinned alive and tossed onto a pile to die. This is the hell snakes go through just for fashion..

Everyday these fascinating animals are trapped, beaten bloody, and face the nightmare of having their skin ripped from their body simply to create a look. PETA is one of the only organizations with a comprehensive approach to reduce the sufferings and deaths of wolves, snakes, seals, cows, alligators and other animals mutilated for there animal skin.

I am writing this to you, the people of today to stop this madness. Won’t you help do more for them in 2013 by supporting PETA to make cruelty- free fashion?



Save the Polar bear! Combat Global Warming-Persuasive writing Essay/Article

The polar bear is under a threat. The threat started with a single specie. Humans!

Humans have thrown the world out of balance, by satisfying their own needs.
Not even thinking once about their own foolishness. The Sermeq Kyjalleq glacier is on the verge of melting. If it melts, sea levels will rise, the polar bear will go extinct.

Human activity threatens polar bears by two levels. The first level of madness is hunting. The Eskimos are occupying the Artic. They behead defenseless cubs every day. But the government of Russia is doing nothing! Instead, they sit back, watch and occasionally buying fur coats from the Eskimos, encouraging them to hunt even more. Now it’s our job as the people of today to end this madness!

The second level of threat is global warming. People always use plastic bags, not even thinking once about the lives destroyed by these bags. These bags are used once or twice and then thrown away. We should use paper bags because even though they are not eco-friendly, they are easy to use from our daily supply of leftover paper. We HAVE the option to change from plastic to paper. Hurry….

Now back to the polar bear. For polar bears, the reduction in sea ice is considered a major threat, putting it on the dreaded endangered species list. Some polar bears are frozen to death in water because they have no platform to rest on after hunting, leaving them to drown. Cubs face miserable lives being cramped in cages the size of a shoebox. Some cubs don’t learn the skills they need to survive because of being trapped in these cages of terror. Others are too traumatized and die moments after release. Usually when the cubs are able to get out of their prison. it’s not for freedom, it’s to be beheaded and imported to other countries as fur coats. The fire to protect the polar bear is spreading. More and more people are getting devoted to join the cause!

The sad reality is that the destruction of the Artic is unavoidable because all this happened because of humans.

But there’s a shining ray of hope! We can delay the destruction by reducing our garbage, reusing things like plastic bags and recycling products that you used such as a water bottle.

Polar bears face extinction because of us. We have to help them, for they helped us survive by providing fur coats and meat.

Save the polar bears. Save the Earth.

We started this, now we have to end this….

Here’s what you can do to help save our luscious planet:
1- Reuse plastic bags instead of throwing them away
2- Say “no” to fur coats
3- Don’t waste paper. If you have written a few words on a sheet of paper, don’t throw it away, make a paper      bag and take your lunch in it tomorrow
4- Support environmental campaigns such as Greenpeace
Don’t think you can’t make a difference. Course you can. If you do the following then another person will do the same watching you. Then more and more people will do the same. Act Now. You Can Make A Difference