My ambition in life essay for middle school

My Ambition in life essay

Everyone has ambitions.There isn’t a single human being on this earth who does not have an ambition. You may be thinking, what exactly is an ambition? An ambition is a never-ending desire to achieve something. Even if people have the same ambition, they will use different methods to achieve it. This makes one ambition different from another. My ambition is to eliminate poverty from the world. [Read more…]

Cyclopes-A creative story gift for my mother’s birthday

A creative story gift to my mother on her birthday.

I had scavenged a few bucks for my dear Mother’s birthday . I wanted to buy a special gift for her. When we went to the shop, I asked her” Mom, what do you want for your birthday?”,  and surprisingly she didn’t ask for any fashionable items like sunglasses, earrings, or dresses. Instead she asked me to a write story for kids.I was rather surprised at her request but writing the story was for me as I used to read a lot of books. The words which she said were” write your own story and amaze me”.  So instead of making a birthday card and writing messages to my mom, I wrote this tragedy story about mother and son. My mother liked the moral of this story and my writing style as well.  The story took me 5 days to write but I managed to do it.I hope you will enjoy and be engrossed in the story, the same way my beloved mother was. Adore [Read more…]

Verbs: Forms of to be and to have for 1st grader to 3rd grader

Teach these verbs to a 1st , 2nd or 3rd grader in an easy and simple way with this table which shows the conjugations of the “to be” and “to have” verbs in the tables below. First learn what a verb is  and how many types of verbs there are in English grammar.

Usually a verb means an action. It is one of the Eight Parts of Speech. Example: I live, he lives. So the verb live, speak etc are verbs in the the Simple present tense but some verbs like “to be”, “to have”, “to do”, “to go” etc are irregular verbs so they should be memorized.

These verbs don’t show any actions.

For Example, “My grandfather is very nice”. Here the word “is” is a conjugation of the “to be”  verb. It doesn’t show any action while the “to have” show that some action will being taking place soon.

To be Verb:

There are five to be verbs: am, is, are, was, were in the Simple Present and Past tense.

Person Present Tense Past Tense
I am was
He, She, it is was
You, We, They, are were

To have Verbs:

There are three “to have” verbs: Have, has, had.

Go through this table to learn where to use have, has and had verb.

Person Present Past
 He, She, It Has Had
I, You, We, They Have Had

Exercise for “To be” and “To have” Verb:

Fill in the blanks with to be and to have verbs.

  1. I                     Adam. (to be verb)
  2. She                    my sister. (to be verb)
  3. Mr and Mrs.Fernandez                        my neighbors last year. (to be verb)
  4. Do You                    my pencil? (to have verb)
  5. She                     to go to school. (to have verb)
  6. Adam                     a brother in America. (to have verb)
  7. Spain                      to get ready before he left for the school. (to have verb)
  8. Last night, my sister                   crying.(to be verb)
  9. Rainbows                      beautiful. (to be verb)

Answer Key:

  1. am
  2. is
  3. were
  4. have
  5. has
  6. has
  7. had
  8. was
  9. are

Free Essay: Government and Military personnel should have the right to strike

Government and Military personnel should have the right to strike

Government and Military personnel should have the right to strike

The government of India ( or write your country’s name) is unfair about many things. One of them is that the employees of the government and military cannot go on strike. This downright mad and absurd.

Striking is common in India. It is used to peacefully protest against charges ( new laws, rules and right). Not a long time ago, shopkeepers in Mumbai went on a strike to resist a tax law. If they can do it so can others.

According to the Fundamental Rights, each person has the same rights. But military and government employees don’t get to enjoy this rights. This arose inflammatory feelings from them in the past and is infuriating many today.

This is an iniquity to government and military personnel . If the Indian government does not solve this problem immediately, the consequences will be catastrophic.

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Should Government and Military personnel have the right to strike?

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People have become overly dependent on technology Essay for Middle School

People have overly dependent on Technology-essay


People have overly dependent on Technology-essay

There is difference between today and 200 years ago. Today people are blindly dependent on technology. This is a fact that is certain.

Technology is a plant which bares delicious fruit. But to get that fruit you have to pluck its thrones and destroy the neighboring plants. So many things have been lost in man’s purge to gain greatness, like the water mill which has been replaced with the water turbine.

Though technology is very helpful and ease-to-use, we have lost the art of letter writing. (replaced with E-mail) The fruit mixture greatly reduced the use of the fruit  pelter.

Technology gives us comfort but it also gives us destroyed environments. The use of technology must be reduced or else, instead of fruit, we will get thorns.


Should all students in high school and college be required to take at least 2 years of a foreign language? Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay-Should all students in high school and college be required to take at least 2 years of a foreign language?
Argumentative Essay-Should all students in high school and college be required to take at least 2 years of a foreign language?

Argumentative Essay-Should all students in high school and college be required to take at least 2 years of a foreign language?

This topic is debatable  so opinion varies person to person. Here, is my view about learning foreign languages.

The world is enormous. The people talk in all different sorts of languages. There are around 300,000 languages in total. Each is unique and has native speakers. To live in a foreign country, such as France, you have to know French. Foreign languages besides English should be compulsory.

Learning foreign languages help a student become incisive and being-able to communicate to foreigners. Most good jobs send the employee to European countries such as Germany. If one does not know German there, they will incoherent. Being able to talk in German in this situation is essential so for the person to take foreign languages.

I believe all students in High school and college should take at least 2 years of foreign languages. It is very helpful as people of different nationalities will communicate in harmony, bringing the world closer.

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Should all students in high school and college be required to take at least 2 years of a foreign language?

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Argumentative Writing – Participating in team sports help develop good character

Argumentative writing about soprts
Argumentative writing about Sports

Argumentative writing about Sports

Good character is hard to develop. One of the main things that helps develop good character considerably are team sports.

In baseball, the fielders develop unity when they get into positions. Meanwhile the batter develops confidence.

In hockey, when a player is injured, other player show compassion and help the injured player.

In most sports, there are two teams. Both teams are determined to win. This caused rivalry. But the thing which all sports have in common is that they build bond  fraternity bond with integrity to create good sportsmanship.

Team sports not only help build character and boost morale: they promote teamwork.

Should Animals be kept in Zoo for education? Argumentative essay for Middle School

Animals in zoos-Argumentative essay
Animals in zoos-Argumentative essay

Animals in zoos-Argumentative essay

Animals cruelty has always been a problem. So what can be gained by putting animals in zoo for education. I am not in favor of it. I believe animals should not be put in zoos for education.

Animals kept in zoos are always mistreated. Most zoos use cages in which animals are trapped in, never being able to test their wild instincts.

The cages of most animals are not cleaned and washed regularly, making the road clean for disease to wreck havoc. Animals in zoos tend to be underfed.

We should never get education for another being’s sufferings.

I believe animals should not be caged up and kept in zoos for education. Instead schools can take students on a field trip to a well-preserved wildlife park. Our school has taken us to walledlake———field trip in Seattle.


Should Animals be kept in Zoo for education?

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Should the Elderly receive free bus rides? Argumentative essay

should the elderly receive free bus rides
 should the elderly receive free bus rides

Free bus rides for elderly people

Naturally no one should be an exception to transportation charges. If the elderly were given free bus rides, though it may sound good, it will have disastrous effects.

In this argumentative essay, we will write about Indian population and Should the Elderly receive free bus rides is worth to implement or not.

Today Indian buses are already so crowded and the no payment for the elderly rule would attract more folks of Indians. The extra bus population can result in many wrongdoings like harassing and fighting.

While one-fourth of the Indian population lives in poverty, slum dweller bill be attracted and so will beggars, hawkers and gamblers. Also the effect of the Indian economy would be terrible. It would start to collapse.

I believe the elderly should not receive free bus rides because transportation charges must apply for everyone.

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Should students have to wear uniforms? 

Food Wastage; A Global Concern – Persuasive and Emotive Essay

Food wastage Persuasive and emotive essay
Food wastage Persuasive and emotive essay

Food wastage Persuasive and emotive essay

This essay includes Introduction, Production and Wastage, Pests, Distribution, Calamities, Effects of food wastage, population and conclusion and My message.


Food was always known as God’s gift but since the past two centuries, food wastage has been an ever-growing threat, which started with teenagers throwing half-eaten apples on a sidewalk. Because of the effects of wasting food, many people are starving.

Production and Wastage

Every year, around four billion tonnes of food are produced, and around two billion is wasted.

A quarter of the wasted food is due to the lack of hygiene. Crops are planted with filthy hands, usually not sprayed with disease-eradicating fungicides. Even more food is wasted during the transportation, where the crops are jammed together in a never-cleaned truck. Food retailers reject 42% of the food sold to them because the yield doesn’t fit the required amount. There is actually nothing wrong with the food. Finally, food is wasted by us, the consumers because we throw away food if we get new food. Last week’s tomatoes and lettuce can be used to make today’s soup.


Pets also play a role in food wastes because a swarm of pests such as the locust can devastate months of careful forming and eat all the yield, thus resulting in food shortages. This mainly occurs  in warmer regions of the world.


On the way to the store, crops usually get filthy and are undesirable products. At the store, no consumer would want to buy them so they are chucked out.


Hurricanes and earthquakes can wipe out forms in an instant. Hurricane Sandy death a huge blow to the American agriculture when it destroyed 500 farms.

Effect of food wastage

When food is wasted, it causes food shortages which are called famines. Famines reduce hygiene standards as well as kill millions. The great famine of Bengal(India), which was due to the law yield produced by farmers, tooked the lives of 10 million people. The Great Famine of China, which was the worst, ended the lives of 45 million people. They cause diseases to spread like a wildfire and slay even more. If left unattended, the food wastage problem could turn into a catastrophe and threaten millions.

Population & Conclusion

The enormous population of the world cannot be fed by the small yield of farmers. Around two billion people are on the verge of starvation while others throw around food as if it was dirt. Food is a gift given by god. It is not meant to be wasted. I want retailers, shopkeeper, transporters and the consumers to save food for those poor souls, who get nothing more than a few pieces of bread and half a cup of water a day.


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