Year of the Snake: Help PETA get Wildlife out of the Wardrobe!

Dear Friends,
Chinese new year marks the start of the Chinese year of the Snake, but as I write this note, snakes, alligators, lizards, crocodiles and countless other animals in the world, from Florida to the natural Philippines to the merciless Africa, are being inhumanly stripped of their skin- usually while they are still alive- so that these ‘unwanted’ creatures can be made into belts, bags, shoes, jackets and other everyday clothing.

PETA is leading the global fight to stop this unfair trade and cease the animal’s sufferings. Won’t you help us strengthen PETA’s ground-breaking work to get wildlife out of the wardrobe?

Every snake skin belt, every alligator wallet or handbag, and every other exotic animal skin sold to consumers starts with sufferings indescribable with words

We MUST make sure that everyone knows that snakes are routinely taken from their home and nailed to trees before being skinned alive and tossed onto a pile to die. This is the hell snakes go through just for fashion..

Everyday these fascinating animals are trapped, beaten bloody, and face the nightmare of having their skin ripped from their body simply to create a look. PETA is one of the only organizations with a comprehensive approach to reduce the sufferings and deaths of wolves, snakes, seals, cows, alligators and other animals mutilated for there animal skin.

I am writing this to you, the people of today to stop this madness. Won’t you help do more for them in 2013 by supporting PETA to make cruelty- free fashion?



Save the Polar bear! Combat Global Warming-Persuasive writing Essay/Article

The polar bear is under a threat. The threat started with a single specie. Humans!

Humans have thrown the world out of balance, by satisfying their own needs.
Not even thinking once about their own foolishness. The Sermeq Kyjalleq glacier is on the verge of melting. If it melts, sea levels will rise, the polar bear will go extinct.

Human activity threatens polar bears by two levels. The first level of madness is hunting. The Eskimos are occupying the Artic. They behead defenseless cubs every day. But the government of Russia is doing nothing! Instead, they sit back, watch and occasionally buying fur coats from the Eskimos, encouraging them to hunt even more. Now it’s our job as the people of today to end this madness!

The second level of threat is global warming. People always use plastic bags, not even thinking once about the lives destroyed by these bags. These bags are used once or twice and then thrown away. We should use paper bags because even though they are not eco-friendly, they are easy to use from our daily supply of leftover paper. We HAVE the option to change from plastic to paper. Hurry….

Now back to the polar bear. For polar bears, the reduction in sea ice is considered a major threat, putting it on the dreaded endangered species list. Some polar bears are frozen to death in water because they have no platform to rest on after hunting, leaving them to drown. Cubs face miserable lives being cramped in cages the size of a shoebox. Some cubs don’t learn the skills they need to survive because of being trapped in these cages of terror. Others are too traumatized and die moments after release. Usually when the cubs are able to get out of their prison. it’s not for freedom, it’s to be beheaded and imported to other countries as fur coats. The fire to protect the polar bear is spreading. More and more people are getting devoted to join the cause!

The sad reality is that the destruction of the Artic is unavoidable because all this happened because of humans.

But there’s a shining ray of hope! We can delay the destruction by reducing our garbage, reusing things like plastic bags and recycling products that you used such as a water bottle.

Polar bears face extinction because of us. We have to help them, for they helped us survive by providing fur coats and meat.

Save the polar bears. Save the Earth.

We started this, now we have to end this….

Here’s what you can do to help save our luscious planet:
1- Reuse plastic bags instead of throwing them away
2- Say “no” to fur coats
3- Don’t waste paper. If you have written a few words on a sheet of paper, don’t throw it away, make a paper      bag and take your lunch in it tomorrow
4- Support environmental campaigns such as Greenpeace
Don’t think you can’t make a difference. Course you can. If you do the following then another person will do the same watching you. Then more and more people will do the same. Act Now. You Can Make A Difference