A Trip to the Beach-Kids Poem

1] First verse describes a crowded beach in the summer


         By six o’ clock we were on our way 

           by train to seaside for the day

           we wade out to the shore 

           catch some waves and splash some more

           went to the stand and got some food to eat

            but it was too-0 crowded to get a seat

            we got back home and went to sleep

            having no need of counting sheep


 2] Second verse describes a deserted beach in winter


                So cold So lonely

                   So sad so chilly

                   Its always empty on these days

                   only visitors from far away

                 there’s really no point of coming

                but only to listen to the humming

               People always say

               better to come in late May

               I can’t help but feel so sorry 

               for this cold and lonely place

               which is more like an empty maze

              I never wanted to come here 

              to hunt down those wild deer

             The summer beach is where

              I would never come in winter

             even if I dared

Notes: This is written by my 10 years old daughter. I hope you will enjoy this poem.