Happy Fathers Day Card with Messages and Letter

 Father day card and messages

Father day card and messages

I have written this letter to my beloved father this year June 16th 2013.

Dear Daddy,

You have done so much for me but I will never be able to repay you. You work endlessly; to the death of night and to the break of day.

You sit in a office with no AC , isolated from others. While everyone else is enjoying themselves. You work tirelessly. You took us everywhere in the world such as USA, Canada, UK etc etc. You visited many states with us. You didn’t care how much it would harm you, instead you only cared whether we had fun or not.

I write this letter on behalf of Mommy and sis too. It would be an act of atrocity not to make you a card. I can’t imagine life without you. Stay with me forever.

I know these gifts will not even make a fraction of your hard work and love but please accept them.

Happy Father’s Day!!!


Your son.

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