Should the Elderly receive free bus rides? Argumentative essay

 should the elderly receive free bus rides

Free bus rides for elderly people

Naturally no one should be an exception to transportation charges. If the elderly were given free bus rides, though it may sound good, it will have disastrous effects.

In this argumentative essay, we will write about Indian population and Should the Elderly receive free bus rides is worth to implement or not.

Today Indian buses are already so crowded and the no payment for the elderly rule would attract more folks of Indians. The extra bus population can result in many wrongdoings like harassing and fighting.

While one-fourth of the Indian population lives in poverty, slum dweller bill be attracted and so will beggars, hawkers and gamblers. Also the effect of the Indian economy would be terrible. It would start to collapse.

I believe the elderly should not receive free bus rides because transportation charges must apply for everyone.

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