Verbs: Forms of to be and to have for 1st grader to 3rd grader

Teach these verbs to a 1st , 2nd or 3rd grader in an easy and simple way with this table which shows the conjugations of the “to be” and “to have” verbs in the tables below. First learn what a verb is  and how many types of verbs there are in English grammar.

Usually a verb means an action. It is one of the Eight Parts of Speech. Example: I live, he lives. So the verb live, speak etc are verbs in the the Simple present tense but some verbs like “to be”, “to have”, “to do”, “to go” etc are irregular verbs so they should be memorized.

These verbs don’t show any actions.

For Example, “My grandfather is very nice”. Here the word “is” is a conjugation of the “to be”  verb. It doesn’t show any action while the “to have” show that some action will being taking place soon.

To be Verb:

There are five to be verbs: am, is, are, was, were in the Simple Present and Past tense.

Person Present Tense Past Tense
I am was
He, She, it is was
You, We, They, are were

To have Verbs:

There are three “to have” verbs: Have, has, had.

Go through this table to learn where to use have, has and had verb.

Person Present Past
 He, She, It Has Had
I, You, We, They Have Had

Exercise for “To be” and “To have” Verb:

Fill in the blanks with to be and to have verbs.

  1. I                     Adam. (to be verb)
  2. She                    my sister. (to be verb)
  3. Mr and Mrs.Fernandez                        my neighbors last year. (to be verb)
  4. Do You                    my pencil? (to have verb)
  5. She                     to go to school. (to have verb)
  6. Adam                     a brother in America. (to have verb)
  7. Spain                      to get ready before he left for the school. (to have verb)
  8. Last night, my sister                   crying.(to be verb)
  9. Rainbows                      beautiful. (to be verb)

Answer Key:

  1. am
  2. is
  3. were
  4. have
  5. has
  6. has
  7. had
  8. was
  9. are