What is the short hand, long hand, second hand(3rd fast moving)on the clock called? 2nd and 3rd Grade Math

hour hand, minute hand and second hand on the clock

Learn “Time” related questions and answers with this simple diagram. It can be used to teach the Chapter “TIME”  in math. It can be used to teach  1st graders, 2nd graders and even pre-schoolers. It’s time to learn ‘TIME’.

Divisibility rules for 1 to 20 and shortcut methods for addition was fun learning experience for us. I remember how I learned how to read the time from the clock….. very hard!

Here are a few simple questions(with answers) related to reading time.

hour hand, minute hand and second hand on the clock

Question-1:  How many hands are on the clock?

Answer:         There are three hands on the clock

Question-2:  What is the short and thick hand on a clock called?

Answer:        Hour hand

Question-3:  What is the long hand (big thin hand) on a clock called?

Answer:        Minute hand

Question-4:  What is the very thin second hand on a clock called (third hand)?

Answer:         Sweep hand

Question-5:  How do all the hands rotate around the dial?

Answer:        They rotate in a clockwise direction.

Question-6:   Which hand on the clock moves at the fastest speed?

Answer:         Second hand (Sweep Hand)

60 rotations of Second hand = 1 rotation of Minute hand

60 seconds = 1 minute

60 rotations of Minute hand = 1 rotation of an hour hand

60 minutes = 1 hour

Question-7:  Which hand moves slowest?

Answer:        Hour hand  (the short hand)

Question-8 : When all three hands; short hand, long hand and second hand meet at 12 on a clock, what time will it be?

Answer:           12:00a.m or p.m ;either noon or midnight.

Question-9:    How many hours will it take for hour hand to complete one rotation?

Answer:        12 hours ( half a day)

Question-10: How can one write 8 pm in the digital clock?