Chinatown vs. Maniac Magee-Compare and Contrast Essay

This is a compare and contrast essay comparing “Maniac Magee” and “Chinatown”. Maniac Magee is about a white twelve-year old boy named Jeffrey Magee whose parents passed away in an accident. So then Jeffrey was sent to live with his aunt and uncle, who fought a lot. Then Jeffrey runs two hundred miles to Bridgeport in Two Mills, PA, where Hector Street sharply divides black East Enders from white West Enders.

There Jeffrey meets a black East Ender named Amnada Beal. Then Jeffrey has a series of adventures, a few new friends, and earns the nickname Maniac Magee. Chinatown is about Laurance Yep, a boy going to a Chinese school who could not speak Chinese. I think that “Chinatown” and “Maniac Magee” are different but they also have many similarities.


One of the similarities are that the main characters are male. Another is that they both feel like outsiders. Maniac feels like an outsider because he is a white boy living in the black end of town. Laurance feels like an outsider because he cannot speak Chinese but he is still going to a Chinese school and earning good grades


Another similarities is that they both lived in a town with two races. Maniac lived in a town with black and white people while Laurance lived in a town with Chinese and African-American Chinese. Another similarity is that at the beginning of both stories both of the main characters were unappreciated. Maniac was a white living with blacks, so they did not appreciate him because of his skin color. Laurance was unappreciated because he could not speak Chinese.


One of the differences are family. Laurance’s parents are still alive while Maniac’s have passed away. Another one of the differences are sports. Maniac was good at sports, Laurence was not.


I think “Maniac Magee” and “Chinatown” are similar and different in many ways. I like to read books with a deep plot like “Maniac Magee” because it shows how people who have different skin color and still live together happily and get along. Maniac was white and Amanda was black and they still got along. I believe “Maniac Magee” was a better story than “Chinatown”