My greatest discovery – Creative Writing

Creative writing - become a doctor and cure cancer


Creative writing - I  found the cure to cancer!

Creative writing – I found the cure to cancer!

I have done it! This is my greatest accomplishment as a doctor! I have found the cure to cancer! You may be thinking that this is just one of those scientists bragging about his theory, but you’re wrong.

Unlike the last cure of cancer, which involves a huge machine and costs a lot of money, with horrible aftereffects. My cure involves injecting a very diluted amount of belladonna into the body and then injecting a certain bacterium in the body and letting it feed on the belladonna, which results in the bacterium secreting an acid which kills it and destroys cancer infected cells when mixed with other chemicals.

The dingy cancer situations will be over using the suicidal effect of the bacterium. Cancer, an almost incurable, hereditary disease can be stopped from killing more people.

Devising the cure was not easy and I couldn’t have done it without my assistant Wilson who helped me create the “Quiner” a half-square device within a needle and chemical storage on the back.

The component cure uses Oaklania branches, these branches are not rare and can be found easily. Though the diluted version of belladonna is unstable and expensive. We have compensated the problem.

I believe that if all scientists try to help me improve my cure, not only will it gratify cancer patients but, I am sure it would be a formidable weapon against cancer.